I have never been to a book signing event. I have, however, seen the occasional author modestly sitting at a table in the PX (military people, you know what I mean–for those of you who don’t, it’s kind of the Walmart of the military base), somewhat shyly peddling their new book. The look on their faces was always the same: uncertain anxiety, on the verge of completely deflated because no one notices them, never mind stops to check out their book.

The Paleo Parents, Stacy and Matt’s book release and signing event for Beyond Bacon was the exact OPPOSITE. When I arrived, just 20 minutes after things kicked off, The Red Apron was packed. I could barely even get in the door. The Paleo Parents have been a big force not just in the paleosphere, but in our own real food journey–we’ve made many friends at their gatherings and it’s really helped us step up our cooking and blogging acumen.

A line of eager friends and fans, some about to become Beyond Bacon owners and many already with the book in hand, crowded in front of Matt and Stacy at their table near the front of the shop. The line wiggled back and along the side, more than half way towards the back of the store. At the end of that line was the end of another, facing the opposite direction, excitedly waiting for the food. (A little later in the evening, I waited over 30 minutes in that food line. It was worth it!)

I had a great time hanging out with Russ of The Domestic Man, Civilized Caveman George, my hot date–The Paleo Mom, Sarah–and many other Paleo, Crossfit, Yoga and real food notables. Among the many new faces, I met Bill and Hayley of The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate. This is what life should be all about: great people having a great time while eating great food.


Speaking of great food, Brent and I want to devour every last morsel depicted in Beyond Bacon. What a gorgeous book! From the heartfelt introduction to the tiny pig page markers, from the stunning photography to the savvy notes popping up on the occasional recipe page corner, from the thoughtful quotes to the conversion table on the very last page, this book is as eye-catching and entertaining as it is informative and inspirational.


The first meal we made from Beyond Bacon was the Porktastic Frittata.  As luck would have it, this recipe also incorporates another recipe in the book, Italian Sausage Links.  The frittata is savory but not heavy, and totally worked as a brinner (breakfast for dinner) delight. We ate nearly the whole thing in one sitting. Pigs? Yes, we can be… and yes, that pun was intended. 🙂 But in our defense, we had just taken a run and were both super hungry.


Tomorrow, we’re planning to make the Smoked Spare Ribs. We can’t wait! If you want to follow along on our rib-stravaganza, feel free to check out our rumblings on Instagram, or just search #beyondbacon. Not only are the photos mouthwatering, the recipes are clearly laid out and simple to follow. I especially appreciate the notation of difficulty, time to table, and the story that precedes each one. Having historical and/or social context to the food you’re about to prepare brings cooking to a whole new level. It creates a connection to the wider world around us. Yes, good food is good. But good food with a good story, makes a great experience.

If you haven’t had a great experience lately, make one happen with Beyond Bacon. You won’t regret it.  And be sure to go spend some time on their website to tune in to their blogging, podcasting, and all around fantastic content.



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