Roasted Adobo Chicken

With a new baby, we haven’t had much energy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. More than ever we’re looking towards big, batch cooking options to get us through the week. This weekend, I realized that we had not roasted a whole chicken in a while, and whole chickens are a great way to make multiple meals from one dish. This whole chicken recipe uses our take on the Latin American spice mixture, Adobo. It’s straightforward and delicious. Serve it with Cauliflower Rice and/or sautéed peppers for a complete meal. Leftovers can be shredded for lettuce boats or stir-fried with mixed vegetables.

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Creamy Mushroom Chicken Thighs

A few weeks ago, we found out about a factory seconds All Clad sale, and I went a little bit overboard. One of the spoils of our bounty was a gorgeous 6-quart, sauté pan. This thing is out of control, and is now a go-to cooking utensil for our morning breakfasts as well as dinner. Our previous sauté pan of a similar size is starting to warp, and this was an awesome opportunity to upgrade.

For our christening of this new pan, we wanted to bring you an easy and delicious recipe that will feed you and your whole family. Having a one-pot recipe that will last a couple of days is great for time management, cleanup, and convenience. We know you’re going to enjoy this recipe.

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“Nashville” Hot Garlic Chicken

Near our house, en route to the local metro station, is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. While I love their commercials, and their coleslaw, it’s been a very long time since I’ve eaten at one. I also don’t appreciate all the chicken bones littered on the streets in the immediate area (admittedly not their fault). Walking by the restaurant lately, I’ve seen advertisements for Nashville Hot Chicken. I love chicken, and I love hot things—this was a no-brainer to try.

Our recipe is not an exact replica, and we’ve never tasted KFC’s, but we guarantee it’s finger lickin’ good. Fun fact: when KFC first expanded to Asia, one of the translations of their slogan didn’t go quite as planned. As it turned out, the translation was the equivalent of, “so good you’ll eat your fingers off.” Not exactly an appetizing proposition. Don’t worry, you’ll have a full stomach and all of your fingers after this meal. We served it with cauli-mash from Real Life Paleo and it hit the spot.

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Chicken and Fig Tagine

Having a tagine, or tajine, was always a lofty dream for us—it is a piece of cookware historically from North Africa, and is super cool looking. If you’d like a more in depth review of its history and use, check this out. Imagine our surprise when we received one for Christmas, and our dreams came true. We hadn’t asked for one, but it’s had good use since. You can use a tagine on your cooktop as well as in the oven, and it’s a great conversation piece when hosting dinner.

Do not fear, those of you who are tagine-less, you can cook similarly in a covered dutch oven or crock pot. There is some magic lost in the appearance and cooking process (the conical shape of the tagine collects and condenses steam back down the center), but you’ll still be able to enjoy this recipe. That said, if this is the impetus to go buy a tagine, DO IT! We guarantee you’ll enjoy this new way of making food at home.

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Fully Loaded Potato Soup

Fall has arrived, as well as pumpkin-spiced everything, and with it comes cooler weather and earlier sunsets. It didn’t take more than a week to start to feel the change in a big way here in the Washington, DC area. Thankfully, we were mentally prepared to make a hearty soup that would warm our bellies. Ever since the paleo/primal community has relaxed on white potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes, we’ve had to remind ourselves to add them back to our menu.

Fully loaded potatoes are an indulgent side I occasionally had growing up when we went out to eat. Making a fully loaded potato soup was a fun challenge, and it came out great. By adding cauliflower to the recipe, it gave us a lightness that didn’t leave us ready for a nap after a bowl. We also cooked with Daiya cheese for the first time. These cheese shreds are dairy-, lactose-, and casein- free, as well as gluten- and soy-free. If you can’t find or don’t tolerate high-quality dairy, these shreds kicked up the flavor of the soup, and were a great addition—we recommend it. Imagine what you could do with a pizza or nachos inspired recipe (stay tuned). Now, on to the soup…

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