This antipasto was an attempt to recreate some of our favorite dishes that typically are mainstays at your favorite Italian/Mediterranean restaurant, without the cheese and pasta.  As far as I’m concerned, it was a success––it didn’t last long in the house.  We saved a small portion to share with family, and almost a week later, it was still crispy and crunchy, so I would definitely suggest this as a candidate for weekly meals or leftovers if you’re planning ahead.  We had to do some shopping around to find clean proscuitto, but Applegate makes one we love, and we’ve been able to find their products pretty regularly at the local organic market, and even sometimes larger chain supermarkets.  The benefit of this is how simple to put together.  This took us maybe 15 minutes to make in total.

1 English cucumber
1/2 red bell pepper
1-2 slices red onion (depending on how much you like onion)
1 cup kalamata olives
3 slices proscuitto
1 oz anchovy (tinned in olive oil)

Chop red onion, cucumber, red bell pepper, and olives into small chunks.  Slice proscuitto into thin 1/4″ strips, and finely mince anchovy.
Mix together thoroughly, and enjoy!  The flavors will blend more as it sits, so preparation about an hour before mealtime is probably preferred.  There’s no need for olive oil or salt or anything.  This is an easy home run to impress family and friends.

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