Several people have asked how to make zoodles, as we use them for a lot of recipes and they’re a nice grain-free alternative to pasta.  Like the post we did on cauliflower rice, this is a quick how-to for your reference.


peeling zoodles

Taking a zucchini (or yellow squash), use a julienne peeler to create noodle-like strands.  Stop peeling when you start to hit the core of the plant, as that doesn’t make great zoodles.  You can chop up the remainder in breakfast scrambles or other types of casseroles.


Heat up 1 tablespoon of your favorite fat (ghee, coconut oil, olive oil) and sauté for 5-ish minutes, until some color comes out.  We often leave ours raw, but to get an al dente experience, a few minutes over heat can help.


Allow to sit in the sink in a colander and toss with a pinch or two of salt.  This allows any excess liquid to leave the zoodles so you don’t end up with a runny plate.


Toss with olive oil and herbs and garlic, or add pasta sauce and or meatballs!  The possibilities are endless.


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