For everyone following along, congratulations on a week into better eating and better health through a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I for one, feel awesome.  Days 2-3 I had a little bit of a fog from cutting out the excess sugar in my diet, but I quickly pulled through with some fantastic clarity and more balanced energy.  Added bonus: lost a little weight and my pants fit better.  If you didn’t catch my initial post about the 21DSD last week, you can see my post on week one here.

I’m keeping track of my weight through the fitbit Aria scale, which I use alongside my fitbit Force.  These analytics are a fun tool for me, but I also keep a measured distance from them; I never let the results of the scale determine how I eat the next day, except for eating more!  I’ll certainly post some of the data at the end with a fun review of my experience.

Here’s a sampling of week two:


Nothing fancy here, I’ll be scrambling eggs in coconut oil and adding hot sauce, or putting in a chorizo sausage for good measure.


spicy beef curry

Spicy Beef Curry
We haven’t made this in ages, but holy smokes it’s delicious.  I’m looking forward to having it again.

mustard and dill crusted salmon

Mustard and Dill Crusted Salmon
Heather concocted this recipe, and I love it both on its own and flaked into a bed of spinach.

These will be mixed in with this week’s upcoming recipe, sautéed leafy greens, and a few work meals that will keep us out of the kitchen.  It’s going to be fun navigating that minefield, but I’ve made special requests for junk-free alternatives—we will see how it goes!

If you’re also working on the 21DSD, let us know in the comments how you’re doing!

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