Today is a very special day. Late last night, we redesigned our website to That Paleo Couple and, this morning, the Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 eBook—to which we contributed—published!

Brent and I have been exploring the world of paleo cooking and food blogging since February 2011. We were living in Virginia and determined to find a healthier lifestyle while enjoying one of our favorite activities: cooking.

Now, we’re newlyweds and first-time homeowners. The redesign, That Paleo Couple, is a cheeky nod to the fact that many of our non-paleo family and friends still have trouble fathoming that we live a gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle. Over the past five years, our lives have been enriched by new friends, new adventures in fitness, and much more.

Two of those new friends who have inspired and supported us are Bill and Hayley (Primal Palate). We are honored that for the second year in a row, they included us in the Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 eBook. Contributors from around the paleo-sphere have come together to bring readers this eBook—an even bigger and better one than last year—overflowing with nearly 500 pages of delicious recipes. It features recipes from more than 30 of the top names in the paleo community such as Danielle Walker, Mark Sisson, Russ Crandall, Sarah Ballantyne, Jennifer Robins and many more.

The concept for this eBook came to Bill and Hayley over two years ago: pull together the best and brightest recipe creators in the paleo community, and have them offer up their best recipes of the year. With the sheer volume of recipes online, it’s hard to know which ones are good, let alone, the best! We feel privileged to be included among such esteemed friends and colleagues in the paleo, primal and grain-free community. 

Get The eBook with iPad pic

I’m particularly excited to try Brittany Angell’s Gooey Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls, Caitlin Weeks and Chef Nabil Boumrar’s Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie, Melissa Joulwan’s Mexican Mole Meatballs, Russ Crandall’s Ratatouille, and Nora Schlesinger’s Classic Carrot Cake. Of course, those are just a few of the amazing and easy to access recipes in this awesome eBook.

Buy your copy of the Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 eBook now for nearly 200 best of the best recipes so you can enjoy them all year long easily! Also, don’t forget to keep coming back to That Paleo Couple for new recipes weekly and the occasional musing about our paleo lifestyle, fitness, or other adventures as newly weds and first-time homeowners! As we look forward to 2016 and beyond, we hope you’ll continue to follow our journey and share your own adventures with us through comments and social media.

Best Paleo Recipes 2015 - Kitchen-308

Don’t forget to buy your copy of the Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 eBook, and let us know in the comments what recipes you’re most excited for in the eBook. Also, feel free to tell us what recipes you want to see us make in 2016!


  1. Loving it, but check the navigation and headers. I can’t get back to home from about us. I don’t know what whole30 and the tab next to it refer to. Will definitely get the eBook!

    Happy New Year!


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