Langostino Bisque

This recipe came about as we were trying to figure out what type of seafood we would have for the week.  Typically we will get our seafood from Costco, but this time their salmon was less than desirable, and most of the other seafood was either ridiculously expensive or farmed.  The only wild caught option we could find was langostino.  After enlisting Siri, we found out what a langostino is.  The “squat lobster”, as it is nicknamed, really does look a bit like a tiny lobster.  After cooking with it, I would say that it meets the requirement for a lobster-like taste and consistency (not as buttery) for a fraction of the cost.  Some food purists don’t like how the langostino is used as a lobster impostor in some fast food campaigns, e.g. lobster bites, but there were no smoke and mirrors here.