Split Barbecue Chicken


For Mother’s Day, we were lucky to visit my parents and stop by the farm for eggs and a whole chicken.  Moving Meadows Farm is a local hangout at the weekly farmer’s market, and my parents have come to know them fairly well.  They were awesome enough to let us stop by Mother’s Day morning, and it was very much worth the trip.  The fresh eggs and chicken really added to the food enjoyment for the day.

This chicken takes advantage of our barbecue sauce and memphis rub.  Now that we’ve got perfect outdoor grill weather, I can’t think of a better meal with the family.

Brian’s Barbecue Sauce

Just over a week ago, Heather and I received terrible news.  Our friend and former neighbor Brian had died suddenly at home.  We had seen Brian last at our house to watch a UFC fight and indulge on one of the most intense feasts of 2012: bacon-wrapped venison, steak, and sweet potato fries.  I was full for 2 days.  It was a great night of food and fights.  His wife had recently been relocated for work to North Carolina, and we were looking forward to hosting them occasionally while Brian continued his school and work up here in Virginia.  We were devastated when we heard the news, and have spent a good deal of time reflecting on our time together.

Memphis Dry Rub Ribs

Ribs are one of my favorite things to cook and eat; I remember in middle school having the whole rack of baby bbq ribs at a restaurant on Broadway across the street from my grandmother’s apartment.  My parents used to point out Jerry Stiller and Anne Merea (Ben Stiller’s parents, who happened to go there often) when we’d both happen to be there at the same time.  I would take down the ribs and a chocolate moose, and I looked like a movie extra from Heavyweights.