For Mother’s Day, we were lucky to visit my parents and stop by the farm for eggs and a whole chicken.  Moving Meadows Farm is a local hangout at the weekly farmer’s market, and my parents have come to know them fairly well.  They were awesome enough to let us stop by Mother’s Day morning, and it was very much worth the trip.  The fresh eggs and chicken really added to the food enjoyment for the day.

This chicken takes advantage of our barbecue sauce and memphis rub.  Now that we’ve got perfect outdoor grill weather, I can’t think of a better meal with the family.

2-3 Tbsp dry rub
1/2 C barbecue sauce
1 4-lb chicken



Cut the spine out of the chicken with a kitchen shears and flatten on a cutting board or plate.


Rub the dry spice rub on the chicken on all sides.


While the chicken rests, heat up your charcoal (I love my chimney) and line the outside of the grill.


Once grill is heated, place the bird face-side up on the grill and cook, closed, for 15 minutes per side.


After two full rotations, check the bird’s internal temperature.  If it has reached 130ºF, slather on the barbecue sauce (if not, continue to rotate and check every few minutes).  Every 5 minutes flip the bird and continue to brush with sauce.


Once the bird has reached 160ºF (about 20-25 minutes), allow the bird to rest 10 minutes tented, and then carve and serve.


We hope you enjoy this succulent summer treat.  Please come hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch!


  1. OH, I’m going to adapt this just a bit and use it on the smoker! It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to smoke, then another 10 -15 minutes on the grill to crisp the skin. Should be awesome! Just in time for Father’s Day. Thanks. Nothing like those organic or all natural birds you cut up yourself.


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