Greek Cobb Salad

Since cleaning up our diet and focusing on real food and paleo, there have been a few steadfast options during dining out. It is usually fair to say that you will be able to find a grilled meat/fish with a side of wilted vegetables or a salad. Many salad with the title “chef’s” or “house” usually have little substance and don’t work as a meal. With the exception of a crab louis salad (best in the bay area), I can reliably count on a Cobb salad without cheese.

That being said, it isn’t often we find a variation on the Cobb, other than an occasional Tex Mex or Asian inspired salad including chipotle or wonton crisps, respectively. This Greek Cobb takes all of the things I love about Cobb salad and mixes it up with what I love most about salad. We think you’re going to like it as well. It will make enough salad for 6-8 servings, so it’s a great weekend or weeknight batch cook salad.