Copycat Costco Asian Cashew Chopped Salad

As a matter of convenience, among other things, Heather and I are frequent shoppers at Costco. Most Saturdays, while I’m at my second job, she takes our meal planner and grocery list and gets a lot of what we need from the big-box warehouse. Costco has great employee benefits and is a company we can get behind, not to mention it recently passed up Whole Foods as the top seller of organic food in America—pretty cool stuff.

Unrequested Costco blubbering aside, they have some great pre-packaged salads and mixed greens that we rotate on a regular basis. The salad dressings usually end up in our trash, due to the poor ingredient quality, but otherwise the salads give us an easy option to spice up our vegetables. Our friends Matt and Stacy recently cracked the salad dressing to our other favorite Costco salad, so we felt encouraged to do the same. This asian cashew chopped salad is full of flavor, and will feed you and your family for days. We know you’ll enjoy it.