Cocktail Smokies

Cocktail smokies are one of the recipes that stand out most from my childhood. Not only were they one of my favorite appetizers whenever we had company over, or there was a special occasion, but it was one of my most memorable childhood cooking experiences. Aside from the time I cut my finger open pretty mightily trying to slice my own summer sausage, this is my most vivid kitchen memory.

When it was time to make the cocktail smokies, my mom pulled out the grape jelly and yellow mustard (two things I didn’t particularly enjoy), and explained these were all there was beyond the little smokies. I called shenanigans, and she made me cook it to prove her point. I still remember how blown away I was when the bright yellow and purple combined to form the brown sauce I knew and loved. This experience is one of the few that really sparked my love of cooking, and I hope you’ll also give these cocktail smokies a try.