Mediterranean Coleslaw

While we often make a lot of meat-centric dishes, we are also a big fan of vegetarian recipes—and coleslaw recipes are one of our favorites. We have one already, which we based off the Colonel’s famous recipe, but we wanted to stray off the path a little for this one.

One of the awesome bonuses of this coleslaw recipe is also that the dressing we came up with will work well as a salad dressing for everyday use. We hope you’ll enjoy this coleslaw recipe and the delicious salad dressing.

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Chopped salads are one of my favorite treats that I indulge myself in (yes, I really do love salad).  It all started once upon a time with homemade salads of iceberg, cucumber, and a salad dressing.  This is also one of my dad’s favorite snacks, so it was something I indulged in often.

Once I moved to the DC area, I started encountering places like Chop’t and sweetgreen, and I really liked their salads.  The only things I didn’t like about them were their mysterious salad dressings and the price.  It’s a good salad, but at $10-12 a head, it wasn’t something I wanted to do on the regular.  That being said, there is a salad shop near my part-time job, and they have a reasonably priced salad that is in this style, so when I work full shifts over the weekend, it’s typically where I’ll stop for lunch if I don’t run to get sashimi from the nearby grocery store.