Even though Brent’s and my sugar detox is over, I still like to check the 21DSD program for delicious ideas. One recipe I resisted while doing the detox was the Sweetener Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. I was a bit skeptical, but I have to admit, these are pretty good!

Here’s my final product (I just had to take a bite so you could see the almond butter in the center, haha).

Ok, these are not perfect replicas of the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. But I’m willing to bet they are a million times less unhealthy. And the flavors are awfully similar. The chocolate flavor is rich and dark. The sprinkle of sea salt is a perfect complement to both that and the savory almond butter center. In my opinion, almond butter is nearly as scrumptious as real peanut butter.

Anyways, these little guys are a tiny bit chalky, but otherwise very good. I think the next time I make them, I’ll play with the recipe a bit. For now, they will certainly satisfy my occasional craving.

As a disclaimer, for those of you who are disappointed that I’m not providing the recipe: I’m sorry, but Diane Sanfilippo of BalancedBites.com has a copyright on her 21DSD program, and as someone who’s involved in the publishing industry, I believe in respecting copyrights (most of the time… I’m only human). Plus, I had to pay $21 for the 21DSD program (it’s a PDF and it’s really quite handy), and if any of you really want to discover the awesomeness that is the 21DSD, you should buy it too. Or, if you just want an almond butter cup recipe, I’m sure someone has one online somewhere. When I get around to tweaking this recipe to suit my tastes–I’m also planning to try it with cashew butter, yum!–then I’ll let you all in on the secrets of making these sweet (but completely unsweetened) chocolate cups. 😉


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