No, this post isn’t about Paleo.

It’s not even about food. >gasp!<

…This post is about a friend of mine who needs our support.

I found out last night that my former hair dresser, Mike Cummings, was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in 2011. (He’s my former hair dresser only because I had to move states over a year ago for a new job.) Why should you, the few who read my blog, care about Mike and his illness?

Well, if you have ever known or do know someone with cancer, I don’t have to explain it. If you haven’t been close to someone who’s had cancer, look around you: lots of people are suffering from it and other diseases daily. I lost one of my sisters to cancer. It sucks. As someone who’s been through the pain of watching a loved one suffer, I understand what Mike’s family and friends are going through.

What’s amazing to me is that one of Mike’s dear friends is doing something truly significant and beautiful to help him. Justin James Muir is publishing, “A Book of Beards.” This book has 86 stunning beard portraits and 18 written contributions; and its proceeds will all go to two wonderful causes.

The first cause is Mike. All proceeds from the first press of the book will go directly to Mike to help alleviate the stress of the medical bills.

All proceeds from additional pressings will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help continue their efforts and support their cause. In 1997, Justin’s twin brother was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thankfully, his brother is cancer free now. But so many others still suffer.

I am hoping that you can find it in your heart to help Mike and others like him fighting cancer. Buy the book. Or, if you can’t spare the cash to buy it right now, help me spread the word about it. More information about “A Book of Beards,” go to

Best in Health,


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