Mussels are something that I’ll get occasionally at a restaurant, but rarely have we made them at home.  Especially since changing my eating habits, I’ve found that mussels are rarely super contaminated with sugar, grains, or legumes, so they’re a standard go-to if we’re out to eat at an Italian restaurant.  What I never really connected the dots on was how easy they are to make at home.  I make littleneck clams for my mom and me on the grill, but this was my first attempt at mussels at home.  This will be a more regular thing from now on.

If you’re on the fence, know that this went from start to finish in under 30 minutes.


3 lb live mussels
1 Tbsp ghee
3/4 C chicken stock
2 chopped scallions
2 cloves garlic, minced



Clean the mussels.  We have a brush for our magic bullet express that we use to clean vegetables and it worked well on these too.


In your dutch oven, heat the ghee on medium-high heat, and then add in scallions.  Once the scallions start to brighten up in color and you can smell them, add the garlic.


Add the chicken stock after you’ve mixed the garlic among the ghee and scallions.


Add your mussels into the dutch oven, and cover.  Check the mussels after 3 minutes to see if they are opening.  They should mostly be open, but if not allow to steam covered for another 2-3 minutes.  Turn off heat, and get ready to serve the mussels.


Discard of any mussels that remain closed after 7 minutes, unless you’re a risk taker with seafood.


Pour broth over mussels, and enjoy.  These went quickly between Heather, my mom, and me, so enjoy them while they’re hot.


  1. It sounds so easy! I am exactly like you, I like to order them but have never made mussels at home before. I did try once but I couldn’t find the seafood shop where google map said it was so I’ve never tried since…perhaps it’s time to try again!


  2. i can’t wait to try this. i’ve been obsessed with ducktrap mussels from whole foods but it’s a far drive to get them. i see fresh mussels all the time at the regular grocery store but am always intimidated by them. your recipe looks so easy so i figure i can’t mess this up.


  3. ok this was awesome and so easy to make. cleaning the mussels was a pain but i got my sister to help. i got 2 lbs but i didn’t realize how much that was. the flavor was out of this world!! i added some parsley and lemon juice to the pot, too.


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