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Coconut-Lime Chicken Thighs

Coconut-Lime Chicken Thigh

If you haven’t had something with coconut and lime this summer, then you haven’t had a real summer. Coconut and lime are a classic summer combination and I love them. The tangy, bright and refreshing taste of lime with the smooth, slightly sweet coconut and just a touch of spice (implied), it makes everything nice! Shrimp, chicken, drinks, veggies—I could do a lot with coconut and lime. Perhaps I should do a series…?

The coconut’s origins are debated by botanists and food historians, but in my personal history meals involving coconut and lime were a rare and special treat with no particular regional history. Whether the recipe was inspired by Hawaiian, Thai or Caribbean flavors, I loved it and savored every bite. And the coconut and lime pairings have ranked among my favorites: coconut-lime shrimp skewers, coconut-lime granita, curry over coconut-lime rice, etc. Continue reading

Oregano Garlic Chicken

oregano garlic chicken

This recipe was born somewhat as an accident; we were going to split a chicken to put on the grill, and decided that rather than season the exterior of the chicken, we would try to season underneath the skin.  This was an amazing decision.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks and feels a little different at first if you haven’t done it before, but the result is totally worth it.  We cooked this on our grill with indirect heat, and made a similar recipe in the oven with a grill pan.  Both are delicious, but it is the time of year to grill–so if you can get outside and grill, get some vitamin D and chicken on! Continue reading

Split Barbecue Chicken


For Mother’s Day, we were lucky to visit my parents and stop by the farm for eggs and a whole chicken.  Moving Meadows Farm is a local hangout at the weekly farmer’s market, and my parents have come to know them fairly well.  They were awesome enough to let us stop by Mother’s Day morning, and it was very much worth the trip.  The fresh eggs and chicken really added to the food enjoyment for the day.

This chicken takes advantage of our barbecue sauce and memphis rub.  Now that we’ve got perfect outdoor grill weather, I can’t think of a better meal with the family. Continue reading

Ginger Chicken with Broccoli


Believe it or not, Brent and I have never eaten at P.F. Chang’s until Stacy invited us among others to join her in a re-creation party, P.F. Chang style. Of course we wanted to participate, but having no idea what the food was like (other than knowing it was asian-themed casual dining).

A few days after Stacy’s invite, we ordered take-out from P.F. Chang’s. Brent got the gluten-free thai basil sambal noodles with shimp (from the new “Inspired” menu–recreated here) and I got the gluten-free ginger chicken with broccoli. Before diving in, set aside a small container of each of our dinner items for taste-testing during our actual cooking experiment the next day. Continue reading

Spinach-Prosciutto Chicken Roulade

Sometimes, chicken thighs get old. So, we recently decided to mix things up a bit. Instead of baking or grilling, we thought, why not transform these regular thighs into a roulade? I’m sure more people would use breast meat, but we love thigh meat and it’s what we had in our freezer.

This seemingly delicate dish takes time but its actually very easy to make. The only tricky part (in my opinion) is pinning the roulades just right with the toothpicks. Thankfully, Brent was very successful with that part.

Continue reading

Coq au Vin (sans Vin)

While visiting my parents in Virginia, we were lucky to visit the local farmer’s market.  We found some great local produce as well as a few local farmers.  This chicken (and our turkey on its way for Thanksgiving) is from Moving Meadows Farm, and it was absolutely delicious.  I really am looking forward to the turkey later this month, as well as visiting them more often when we go to visit my parents.

Angry Chicken "Parm"

delicious easy chicken parm paleo

[Updated September 12, 2013]

These chicken parm bites are something that Heather came up with back in June of 2012, very early into our real food journey.  Lucky for us, we had started this blog, so the recipe was kept documented.  Unlucky for us, we were very new with our presentation, so neither our directions or pictures were especially helpful.

Another win in our favor is that we have since made great friends in the community who led us to take better pictures and inspired us to do better work.  As this is one of our favorite recipes, we updated it recently to share with you.  This is absolutely fabulous, and I think you will really like it.  These little “parm poppers” are delicious on their own, but definitely are well suited to the zoodles and red sauce.  I would gather you could likely use this wash and coating on larger cuts of chicken as well, but we haven’t tried it just yet.  Either way, we hope you’ll love this creation.  Let us know what you think!

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