Mom’s Greek Chicken

This week is a big week for my mom here on the blog.  She’s always inspired me to cook, craft, and all things domestic (she’s really good at them, too).  It’s been a super help in the kitchen, as well as knowing how to sew up and repair pants, shirts, pillows, and blankets.  You may recognize her from other recipes including this great mushroom soup and yesterday’s coconut pumpkin pie.

This recipe is one we didn’t have often when I was younger, but boy can I appreciate it now that I’m older.  If you’re a cheese lover (or you splurge on cheese occasionally) this is also great with some feta.  We’ve made it both ways to test, and they’re both winners.  You’re going to enjoy this one.

Chicken Zoodle Soup

chicken zoodle soup

Fall is here! As much as it is nice to have the warm, summer weather, my preference has always been for fall.  Cooler weather and football are some of my favorite things in the world.  Along with the changing weather comes the occasional cold, so we wanted to make a hearty recipe as a response.

Even if a seasonal cold comes along and tries to get us down, we know we have soothing home remedies to help us through. Our latest: this chicken zoodle soup. Like the traditional chicken noodle soup your grandma would have made from scratch, this soup takes some time but is worth the investment.

Coconut-Lime Chicken Thighs

Coconut-Lime Chicken Thigh

If you haven’t had something with coconut and lime this summer, then you haven’t had a real summer. Coconut and lime are a classic summer combination and I love them. The tangy, bright and refreshing taste of lime with the smooth, slightly sweet coconut and just a touch of spice (implied), it makes everything nice! Shrimp, chicken, drinks, veggies—I could do a lot with coconut and lime. Perhaps I should do a series…?

The coconut’s origins are debated by botanists and food historians, but in my personal history meals involving coconut and lime were a rare and special treat with no particular regional history. Whether the recipe was inspired by Hawaiian, Thai or Caribbean flavors, I loved it and savored every bite. And the coconut and lime pairings have ranked among my favorites: coconut-lime shrimp skewers, coconut-lime granita, curry over coconut-lime rice, etc.

Oregano Garlic Chicken

oregano garlic chicken

This recipe was born somewhat as an accident; we were going to split a chicken to put on the grill, and decided that rather than season the exterior of the chicken, we would try to season underneath the skin.  This was an amazing decision.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks and feels a little different at first if you haven’t done it before, but the result is totally worth it.  We cooked this on our grill with indirect heat, and made a similar recipe in the oven with a grill pan.  Both are delicious, but it is the time of year to grill–so if you can get outside and grill, get some vitamin D and chicken on!

Split Barbecue Chicken


For Mother’s Day, we were lucky to visit my parents and stop by the farm for eggs and a whole chicken.  Moving Meadows Farm is a local hangout at the weekly farmer’s market, and my parents have come to know them fairly well.  They were awesome enough to let us stop by Mother’s Day morning, and it was very much worth the trip.  The fresh eggs and chicken really added to the food enjoyment for the day.

This chicken takes advantage of our barbecue sauce and memphis rub.  Now that we’ve got perfect outdoor grill weather, I can’t think of a better meal with the family.