Huí Guō Ròu 回鍋肉 (Twice Cooked Pork)

Lately we have been on a little bit of a Chinese food kick, and this week’s post is in homage to that hankering we’ve had. My go to has always been General Tso’s Chicken, but if you haven’t heard, our friends Bill and Hayley have already cracked that nut in their cookbook, Gather.

Twice cooked pork, sometimes called double cooked pork, is traditionally known as Huí Guō Ròu, translating to “return pot pork.” We love all pork products (hello, bacon), and thought this was an interesting opportunity. Plus, it gave us an opportunity to return to our paleo hoisin sauce (which we made a long, long time ago, back when our camera was an iPhone 4s).

Chicken Fried “Rice”

About two weeks ago, I realized, we haven’t cooked anything with cauliflower in quite a while. That weekend while at the grocery store, I saw a big, beautiful head of cauliflower and suddenly all I wanted was a huge helping of cauliflower fried “rice.” So, I brought it home and a few days later we experimented. It wasn’t quite right the first time–the chicken pieces were too big and the ginger wasn’t fresh. The second time, however, I think it worked much better.

Thai Basil Sambal Noodles

thai basil sambal

About a week and a half ago, we were challenged to put together a recipe that was inspired by some of the delicious options over at P.F. Chang’s.  This recipe was a result of that experiment, as was the recent ginger chicken.  This is a delicious dish, and I would definitely recommend it.

Our spicy coconut sambal sauce is definitely spicier, but this can be easily circumvented by deseeding the serrano peppers or using a milder pepper in its place.  Either way, this was a dish that had the house smelling amazing for hours, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Ginger Chicken with Broccoli


Believe it or not, Brent and I have never eaten at P.F. Chang’s until Stacy invited us among others to join her in a re-creation party, P.F. Chang style. Of course we wanted to participate, but having no idea what the food was like (other than knowing it was asian-themed casual dining).

A few days after Stacy’s invite, we ordered take-out from P.F. Chang’s. Brent got the gluten-free thai basil sambal noodles with shimp (from the new “Inspired” menu–recreated here) and I got the gluten-free ginger chicken with broccoli. Before diving in, set aside a small container of each of our dinner items for taste-testing during our actual cooking experiment the next day.

Hot and Sour Soup


Hot and sour soup has always been a staple for me whenever I have been sick.  I can’t really remember exactly when it started as a sick food cure, but I could always stomach some hot and sour soup and General Tso’s chicken regardless of how terrible I felt.  This happens much less often, as I try to stay away from tofu and the other unknowns of take-out, but I wanted to still enjoy the soothing soup that always helped me feel better.  It’s a bit involved, and will definitely involve a trip to your local international market, but it will be worth it.