Our 2012 Paleo Thanksgiving

We had a full house this Thanksgiving. Brent’s mom, Kathy, did an amazing job decorating the table for us.

Hey everyone!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are recovering from the food comas with rest and relaxation this weekend. 😉 Having successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving, I (Heather) am feeling a bit sentimental.

Over the years, holidays have little by little lost their sparkle for me. Maybe it started when I realized Santa Claus did not exist. It was probably furthered by the bratty spell of teenage-hood, years during which I found myself fighting with my mom about everything. And in my early adult years, fewer and fewer of the holidays have been spent gathering the family in one house, simply for logistical reasons: my parents live in Wisconsin and we (their five daughters, four of whom are now married and three of whom have children) have lived far apart in different parts of the country–one as far as California for a few years.