Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Salad

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to make an insane amount of food and celebrate with friends and family. We had our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, and ate for several people. Despite our best efforts, we still had a lot of leftover food. Normally we package up our leftovers and ration them out for the week after Thanksgiving, but this year we wanted to try something different.

Mixing turkey with a homemade mayonnaise with our extra cranberries and pecan chips was fantastic. This spin on chicken salad is delicious and made the leftovers feel new again. You’ll want to give this recipe a try.

Cider-Stewed Mashed Sweet Potatoes

The story of this epic sweet potato mash goes back to July, when Heather and I ran the Spartan Super in Wintergreen, Virginia. Nearby in Nellysford, there is a cidery by the name of Bold Rock. They have some fantastic hard ciders, and we have admired their product for a long time. Made with apples grown right in Virginia, we were happy to support a local business with a great product.

Cider-Stewed Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe (paleo, primal, gluten-free)

Following the race, we took our bruised, muddied, and exhausted selves to the cidery for a tasting. During our visit, we found ourselves in a conversation with John “Johnny Apple Cider” Washburn, Bold Rock’s Chairman and CEO. John radiates positive energy and seems utterly in love with the venture and creating a great product locally with minimally processed ingredients.

The Best Stuffing

Last Thanksgiving, we were brave and hosted both of our families in our little house.  It was a fabulous time, albeit pretty cramped.  We made everything within our food choices, and even brewed some homemade cider for the occasion.  You can read a little more about it here.

One of the creations from that holiday was this stuffing.  It’s made with my corn-less corn bread, and US Wellness Meats sugar free pork breakfast sausage.  I’m sure you could buy some ground pork and season it and come up with a decent stuffing, but I’m fairly confident that this is the secret ingredient.  I was a bit baffled by the response to this stuffing (it’s good, but I totally made it up), but after returning to the recipe a year later, it still holds up.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Pumpkin “Cornbread”

Growing up, corn was a regular part of my diet. Corn was my favorite vegetable; little did I know it was actually a grain. We ate it all sorts of ways–grilled corn on the cob,  frozen corn microwaved and seasoned with salt and butter, creamed corn over mashed potatoes, cornbread, etc. My absolute favorite was cornbread. Those dense, slightly sweet squares of golden goodness never lasted long.

Our 2012 Paleo Thanksgiving

We had a full house this Thanksgiving. Brent’s mom, Kathy, did an amazing job decorating the table for us.

Hey everyone!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are recovering from the food comas with rest and relaxation this weekend. 😉 Having successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving, I (Heather) am feeling a bit sentimental.

Over the years, holidays have little by little lost their sparkle for me. Maybe it started when I realized Santa Claus did not exist. It was probably furthered by the bratty spell of teenage-hood, years during which I found myself fighting with my mom about everything. And in my early adult years, fewer and fewer of the holidays have been spent gathering the family in one house, simply for logistical reasons: my parents live in Wisconsin and we (their five daughters, four of whom are now married and three of whom have children) have lived far apart in different parts of the country–one as far as California for a few years.