Arroz Con Pollo

Although I never use it these days, I spent the better part of my time in K12 studying Spanish. I was lucky to have only 3 teachers from 6th grade to 12th, so I really was able to learn a lot in that time—having neighbors who spoke fluent Spanish and were kind enough to let me come hang out and help me with my homework wasn’t too bad, either. One of the staple meals we learned about was chicken with rice, or arroz con pollo. It is known as a variation on paella, and I found it to be much easier to prepare and cook.

Arroz Con Pollo is a hearty and versatile dish. It was good fresh, as leftovers, served hot or cold. We adapted the recipe to use cauliflower rice, and it turned out great. This was one of the few times I can say I’ve made something with cauliflower rice and not thought, “well this is pretty good for pretend rice.” The flavors and texture of this dish are great, and it goes well with a few dashes of Tabasco, too. We hope you’ll give this a try.

Mexican Layered Casserole

Today’s post is a celebration (yes, I’m still celebrating) our awesome collaboration with US Wellness Meats.  We’re so excited to be their featured chefs of the month, and this is one of the recipes we prepared for the honor.  This was first born as something to bring along to the Paleo Parent‘s for a get together, and since grew into a delicious casserole.  I think my favorite thing about this is that there’s enough flavor to enjoy it, but if you like to slather things in hot sauce (like I do), you can do so without fear.

If you’re in the small realm of people who haven’t already stumbled upon US Wellness Meats, be sure to take a moment to check out their offerings.  I’m especially fond of their sugar free beef franks, sugar free bacon, and the whole rabbit.  Also, if you can rack up 40 pounds of stuff, you get a discount.  We always wait until our freezer is empty and then go to town.  So worth it.  Anyways, enough with that and on with the food!