As a Wisconsin-born American, I grew up loving three things: the Green Bay Packers, cheese, and bratwurst.  I still avidly participate in two of these three things (cheese, while delicious, usually makes my body sad).  We used to do a brat fry every weekend, even in the winters with average temperatures many degrees below freezing.

We always would grill the brats, and then cook them down in a beer sauce with butter and onion.  This delicious broth added flavor to the bratwurst while cooking them all the way through after browning them on the grill. After a conversation with my dad, he mentioned that at the weekend cook-outs at church functions, they were unable to cook with the beer because there are kids eating.  We all know the alcohol cooks off when boiled, but nevertheless, they would substitute beer with chicken broth.  This was a great find, and surprisingly just as awesome.

bratwurst fresh off the grill

2 lb bratwurst (10 bratwurst) [We used Premio’s, which has a great lamb casing and no sugar]
1/2 white onion, sliced
4 C chicken broth
2 Tbsp ghee


fresh bratwurst on the grill

Heat coals in your chimney or preheat your gas/propane grill to medium heat.  Allow grill to heat, and place bratwurst on the grill parallel with the grates.

grilling in process

Turn periodically, and keep water on hand (we used to use beer) to douse the flames as grease from the bratwurst drips down.

bratwurst grilling

I typically get through 2 complete rotations taking 12-15 minutes to grill, although hot spots on the grill may vary and increase/decrease the time.

chicken broth for bratwurst

Place broth, onion, and ghee in a large pot over medium-low heat on the grill.  Allow to simmer, and add in bratwurst for 10-15 minutes covered.  These puppies will be hot, so be sure to let them cool before eating.


Top with your favorite condiments, serve on lettuce, or get to it with knife and fork.


  1. I’ve discovered the Premio brand, but my latest way to fix them is to smoke them over apple wood. About 225 degrees for 2.5 hours. Top with onions and peppers sautéed in a little olive oil. To die for! Thanks for sharing. Your recipes always make me hungry.


  2. I really enjoy the fact that you didn’t disown your Wisconsin heritage, especially since we are so well known for some very non-paleo foods (beer, and cheese)!


  3. Looks so good. One question – does it have to be Bratwurst? Can I do this with normal pork sausage (I know it is not as good but that’s all I’ve got in the fridge right now!!)


  4. Dairy is not a problem for many people on Paleo, but gluten is, especially for those who stopped gluten for a while, and then retried it, only to find how bloated it made them. I would not use beer because of this. I get really sick now if I was to ingest gluten. I’d prefer if the recipes here didn’t include gluten. I don’t mind dairy, or even rice rarely, but gluten is the biggest no-no for me and many others. Thanks!


  5. Hey! I’m from Wisconsin and now living in Virginia, too! AND, trying so very hard to eat paleo. It’s very difficult when I go back home, though. My parents are always trying to feed me cheese curds and frozen custard (Hello Culver’s!). Thankfully, it’s gotten easier to say no. 🙂

    Thanks for all the great recipes!


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