Midwestern-Style Beer Bratwurst


As a Wisconsin-born American, I grew up loving three things: the Green Bay Packers, cheese, and bratwurst.  I still avidly participate in two of these three things (cheese, while delicious, usually makes my body sad).  We used to do a brat fry every weekend, even in the winters with average temperatures many degrees below freezing.

We always would grill the brats, and then cook them down in a beer sauce with butter and onion.  This delicious broth added flavor to the bratwurst while cooking them all the way through after browning them on the grill. After a conversation with my dad, he mentioned that at the weekend cook-outs at church functions, they were unable to cook with the beer because there are kids eating.  We all know the alcohol cooks off when boiled, but nevertheless, they would substitute beer with chicken broth.  This was a great find, and surprisingly just as awesome.