For this week, I wanted to share a variation on breakfast sandwiches that I put together for Mother’s day.  As a lifeguard growing up, we often went to the local deli for ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, and I remember how great it was to be able to eat whatever I wanted with no noticeable affect.

These are a little fancier, but will still hit the spot for breakfast.  Feel free to go wild and take your own spin with them, this is just a basic suggestion.  The added bonus was being able to pick up these eggs from the local farm the morning of and enjoy them hours after laying.  Cooking eggs that fresh requires a different approach, but boy are they delicious.

breakfast sliders

3 Portobello mushroom caps
3 eggs
4 slices bacon
4 oz smoked salmon


bacon skillet

Cook up 4 slices of bacon in your favorite cast iron skillet.  The fat will be great to cook the egg and mushroom caps.  If you don’t want bacon, feel free to use 2 Tbsp of your favorite cooking fat instead.

eggs cooking skillet

After removing the bacon, use egg rings to cook the eggs.  For us, on medium heat, it took 5-6 minutes to cook the egg through.


After cooking the eggs, cook the mushroom caps face down.  We turned the heat down to medium-low and cooked for 4-5 minutes, until heated through.


Serve egg and bacon (or smoked salmon) on the mushroom cap.  As I mentioned before, this is just the beginning, so feel free to personalize these little open-faced breakfast sliders and have a great start to your day!

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  1. I look forward to receiving your emails. Thank you! Every recipe is a wonderful and so “doable”. I’m constantly sharing them with my friends.


  2. Looks wonderful, but I think you meant you enjoyed the eggs hours after ‘laying’ rather than ‘hatching’ 😀


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