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Mom’s Mushroom Soup

Ever since Heather and I got on the paleo bandwagon, my mom has been curiously intrigued.  I have my mom to thank for turning me on to cooking from an early age, and she’s been enjoying our recipes and making suggestions.  This is a take on a soup that she cooked for herself just after Christmas, and as we love mushroom soup as well, decided to give it a try.  It turned out really well, so we wanted to share the love.  We’re finally getting the cold winter weather here in the mid-Atlantic, so warm soups really hit the spot after coming in from work or errands. Continue reading

Cabbage-Wrapped Steak

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with The Domestic Man and his family as they did some cooking, and we brought along our Orange-Cranberry Bread, which continues to be a great hit.  During the cooking escapades, we also did some work on computers, played with our cameras, and needed a snack.  Russ had some steak out defrosted, so we decided to fire up the grill and make something quick and easy as finger food.  We also had a head of cabbage, so here’s what we came up with. Continue reading

Bacon & Caper Topped Scallops

After spending the day with The Domestic Man a couple of weeks ago, he inspired me with his talk of seared scallops.  With a photo result and the idea of delicious scallops and bacon in my mind, I went to town on a version of my own.  We had purchased capers for another recipe, and I have always loved how they paired with salmon and salads.

Colonel Cole Slaw

This recipe is an attempt to pay homage to the cookbooks that attempt to have the same effect as The Masked Magician Secrets Revealed.  I really hope the reaction to this recipe doesn’t result in a similar style of exile and anger.  We all know of the famous Southern Colonel who is known for his poultry and sides, and we decided to try and rip a page out of his book without the associated diabetes.  

My mother was kind enough to share such a cole slaw recipe from a book that suggested using 1/2 cup of sugar for cole slaw.  I think back to my fond memories of this delicious side, and I felt betrayed.  To me it feels like the equivalent of lacing your food with some addictive substance and just non-chalantly accepting the accolades of how “addicting” it is.  Here is our take, sans sugar and dairy.

Easy Sage Tea

I worked from home the past few days because I haven’t been feeling well–this Whole30 thing has really sent my body’s internal organs on a crazy ride. Hopefully, everything settles down soon; for now, I’m doing my best to tough it out.

I would never have thought to make my own tea, nevermind sage tea. But today, a friend suggested it for my upset tummy and I remembered that we had fresh sage in the fridge. So I did a quick Google search for “how to make sage tea” and tada! an easy recipe was at hand.

I didn’t actually follow the recipe. That would be too easy! :-p Instead, I just tore up enough sage leaves to fit into my tea strainer, heated some water, and let it steep. The recipe lists lemon and honey as optional additions. Honey is obviously not a Whole30 menu item, and I wanted to experience the flavor (and hopefully the helpful effects) of this tea in its original form so I didn’t add the lemon either.


The tea is light in color. It’s soothing on my throat and the warmth feels nice in my tummy. The soft sage flavor is just right. I suppose too much sage would make this tea rather bitter. But I got lucky–apparently my tea strainer holds just the right amount of torn sage leaves. 🙂

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