French Hamburgers (Bifteck Haché)

Hamburgers are one of our favorite go-to meals.  We often serve them with bacon, or in a lettuce wrap.  Occasionally we are challenged to go well outside our standard definition of a hamburger (thanks to our pal, Russ, for example) and have yet to have a negative experience.

This recipe was partially to pay homage to some ground beef we picked up from a local farmer we’ve gotten to know over the past year or so, nearby my parents house in Virginia.  We’ve enjoyed eggs, chicken, and turkey from our friends at Moving Meadows, and were excited for them (and us) when they expanded their offerings to beef.  The ground beef was especially tasty, and we will be heading out toward them again soon to restock.  We hope you’ll check them out if you are local, as they really are nice people with a quality product.

Mexican Layered Casserole

Today’s post is a celebration (yes, I’m still celebrating) our awesome collaboration with US Wellness Meats.  We’re so excited to be their featured chefs of the month, and this is one of the recipes we prepared for the honor.  This was first born as something to bring along to the Paleo Parent‘s for a get together, and since grew into a delicious casserole.  I think my favorite thing about this is that there’s enough flavor to enjoy it, but if you like to slather things in hot sauce (like I do), you can do so without fear.

If you’re in the small realm of people who haven’t already stumbled upon US Wellness Meats, be sure to take a moment to check out their offerings.  I’m especially fond of their sugar free beef franks, sugar free bacon, and the whole rabbit.  Also, if you can rack up 40 pounds of stuff, you get a discount.  We always wait until our freezer is empty and then go to town.  So worth it.  Anyways, enough with that and on with the food!

Grilled Beef Kabobs


Now that we’ve gone through what we hope is the last of the bi-polar transition to spring and summer, it is a perfect time to dust off the grill and enjoy some outdoor cooking.  Growing up in Wisconsin, weekend brat cookouts were common, even well into the winter.  We don’t grill as much as I did growing up, but I still love taking the time to be outdoors, and the smell of the grill.  

Spicy Beef Stir-Fry


Ever since my mom gave us her old wok, we’ve been attempting to bring it into use more often.  We’ve made hot and sour soup, which was really fun, but the ingredient list was pretty extensive.  I know I’ll make it again, but I wanted to attempt something less demanding with this awesome cooking tool.